Customer Service


Caution: You only get one chance to make a first impression. 
I've seen biz cards that are stained, wrinkled, abused by push pins, fliers ripped and brochures so old they do not unfold any longer.
No inventory control, no replenishment, no card checks, no quality control measures are in place so consequently your first impression can be EXCELLENCE OR EMBARRASSMENT!

Advertising Keys to Success in the Marketplace

Everyday is an opportunity through Ad Mix to gain market share and grow your business beyond your competition by following these important steps

  •  Impressions: It takes time and money to create awareness in customer's minds. Consumers tend to react with confidence to familiarity of name recognition.
  • Exposure: Everyday potential customers pass by our displays and have the opportunity to be exposed to and select your business card, flyer or brochure.
  • Reach: Target your customers locally and chances are they will trade with you as a local merchant or business. Customers like to keep there dollars local.
  • Frequency: Each time a customer visits a location they will have time to revisit our display. At some point they may or may not have a current need for your service. However, the key is being present when the customer does have a prevailing need and you are there to fill it.
  • Word of Mouth: Many customers think this is the only way to appeal to customers. WRONG, it is one way but you are missing a huge portion of the population if you are depending solely on word of mouth.
  • Advertising Budget: Always set aside expenditures for Advertising across the media spectrum but use it wisely and target your dollars for maximum potential to accomplish reaching your target market. If you are not spending money on Advertising then you are seriously limiting your capabilities to survive.
  • Target Market: Ad Mix is only in big box retailers. I can promise you these consumers all have discretionary income which means you can capture some of these dollars if you choose to join Ad Mix! See Census Figures / Rankin County


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