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Jay Conrad Levinson, author of Guerilla Marketing states:

The business card is really a mini brochure and your single most important Marketing tool.

I can think of few vehicles so low in price that are seen by such a high ratio of honest prospects.

TRUE STORIES from Memory Lane, USA

I have business cards saved from 25 years ago, so I can treasure many of them like from BB King with the background template of the King of Spades card. I once knew a man whose business card resembled a folded $100.00 bill now that will get your instant attention. I know a man who has a shiny gold card with a high gloss finish that just glistens to be seen and saved. The point is to be willing to add bold coloring and designs to distinguish yourself from the Competition so your card is saved for Memory Lane, USA


1. Your business card is a Marketing Opportunity and a powerful selling tool. Use It!

2. Be unique without calling attention to cleverness!

3. Give more information than name, rank and serial number, its boring!

4. Invest in a great looking card that many prospects will enjoy seeing!

5. Don't be skimpy when passing out your card, be generous use AdMix in all locations!